Friday 22 April 2011

Super Sunshine Shopping Spree

For eventing enthusiasts, Badminton is the pinnacle of the calendar, but for shopping enthusiasts it is also the season’s premier fixture. Wandering up and down the grassy aisles in the Gloucestershire sunshine beats the King’s Road, teeming with tourists, any day.

Your Badminton press office correspondents have been out and about sampling the weirdest, trendiest, most delicious and most alcoholic this unique countryside shopping village has to offer.

First port of call, naturally, was the food walk... from cheese, salami and cake to cider and limoncello and even some weird and slightly bizarre herbal de-bloating powder – we sampled the full works.

Your correspondents like to think they can sniff out the best and our trusty noses took us to Sponge, the Norfolk-based cake company. They supply stores such as Selfridges and their Victoria sponge was certainly good enough for our expensive palates.

Also tried and clocked was the Perry from GWatkin. We asked, ignorant as we are, whether this was similar to pear cider and were assured that this is “Perry”! Either way, it is delicious and washed down the cake and cheese a treat.

A mention must be given to the weird and wonderful digestive powder that only Emma was brave enough to try. It looked and smelled rather like pot-pourri but I was assured that after 30 chews it would give me a stomach of steel – probably a good thing after the amount we have eaten and drunk this afternoon. We will report back in the morning, but no untoward side-effects yet!

We hunted down the Estribos stand in the Country Living tent. There has been much talk of their shoes in the press office – courtesy of our press officer, fashionista Julian Seaman – so we went to check them out. A purchase or two later, we can confirm that they are definitely as comfortable as they look and Julian’s look spot on with his purple socks. Watch and learn! New to Estribos this year are super brow bands in the style of their signature Argentinian belts and dog collars. They are selling like hot cakes, so don’t miss out.

A bit of pummelling with a hand-held massage machine finished off our jolly round the shops. For anyone suffering with back ache, we would also recommend a trip to Back In Action in the World of the Horse tent.

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