Tuesday 16 November 2010

Progress In Safety Initiatives Continues To Gather Pace

Frangible Fences| Further Innovation
Badminton has always been pleased to help the industry and sport of eventing with any new initiatives, particularly those related to the safety of horse and rider, and has implemented frangible pin technology for many years now, on numerous cross country fences.

As technology and innovation in this area gathers pace, Hugh Thomas and many other course designers have played a wider role in helping the industry improve it's overall understanding of the issues related to this aspect of safety on the cross country course and the challenges it brings to the sport.

In this short video, Hugh discusses the recent international seminar on these types of 'deformable' fence, where the industry is making some headway in standardisation, and what some of this means for the sport.

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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic to see Badminton and Hugh Thomas going public in this way. Lots of people and events hold Badminton in the highest esteem and this will help to break down some barriers to improving safety in the sport.

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