Tuesday 27 April 2010

Horses Start Arriving For Badminton 2010

Everybody is busy unpacking, setting up, getting their bearings and generally running around, but it's when horses start arriving that you really feel that Badminton Week is well and truly here. It's here!

The French contingent were the first to arrive and Haston D’elpegere (ridden by Benjamin Massie) was given a well deserved graze in front of Badminton House! (pictured with groom, Elizabeth Bazine)

Tomorrow, will be another busy day down in the stables as more and more horses arrive, not a day to attempt parking anywhere near the stables!

More on all the hubub tomorrow........


Unknown said...

Que l'herbe anglaise donne des ailes à Aston

Unknown said...

Bonne chance aussi à Pascal Leroy

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